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Mountains and Canyons

I finally did it. I took a week’s vacation that was not connected in any way to a ministry assignment. It took me forty-four years in the ministry before I accomplished this feat. I know, I know. Save the sermons! I’ve preached those same sermons to others. But I finally did it. Joanne and I took the Copper Canyon Train tour into Mexico – a train ride through six canyons, five of which are larger than the Grand Canyon. As I sat on the hotel balcony, more than 8000 feet above sea level, overlooking the canyon at sunset (Pictures are on the Disciple All Nations web site. Click on “Our Photo Gallery” in the left side menu.) I remembered a passage of Scripture. I guess you can take me out of a ministry situation, but you can’t take the ministry out of me. The Psalmist declared of God, “Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgments are a great deep” (Ps. 36:6). While God’s righteousness is as easily visible as the mountains in all their majesty and strength, God’s judgments are often as unknown to us as the secrets of the deep canyons between the mountains. Charles Spurgeon wrote, “God’s dealings with men are not to be fathomed by every boaster who demands to see a why for every wherefore.” While we are privileged to walk by sight in the high mountains., we must walk by faith through the deep canyons. That’s a good thought for a new year that will be filled with both mountains and canyons. Walk on!

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