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God’s Provision in the Wilderness

Is there ever a time when God cannot provide? Have you ever doubted God’s ability to provide? I have. I can now confess that I was not sure God could provide enough income for me in retirement. How foolish! In Psalm 78:20-33 others wondered if God could provide. This time there was doubt that God could provide a table in the wilderness. In spite of God’s provisions in the past, the people still wondered. God had provided a miraculous exodus from Egypt as well as reminders of His presence along the way – water from rock, manna, etc. Their sin was not in wanting food in the wilderness, but in doubting God could provide food. It was not a sin against another person, but against the God, who had delivered them. They doubted that God, who had delivered them, could now provide them the basic necessities of life. Human nature is such that if God performs a miracle there, we doubt He will do it here and if He does one here, we doubt He’ll do it again. Let’s establish a fact: God provides, even in the wildernesses of our lives. He will provide for me this week – and for you as well. Rejoice!

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