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When the Supernatural Becomes Routine

Occasionally we become so familiar with God’s supernatural blessings that we begin to take them for granted. Health. Friends. Housing. Transportation. Food. Now there’s the one that caught the Israelites. Rather than allow them to go hungry in the wilderness, God supernaturally provided manna for their food. Manna, a word that literally means, “what is it?” was sweet “bread from heaven” (Jn. 6:31), called by the Psalmist, “angels’ food” (Ps. 78:25) and in Numbers 11:8, “sweet pastry.” Could the eating of sweet angels’ food pastry from heaven ever get routine? It did for the Israelites. In fact it became so routine that they complained to God about it, saying, “there is no food and no water, and our soul loathes this worthless bread” (Num. 21:5). “Loathes?” That word means they became so disgusted with God’s supernatural provision that they became nauseated (actually the word is a bit stronger than that, but let’s stick with “nauseated”). I can’t really blame them – forty years (Ex. 16:35) of the same food, might make me complain also. But that’s what happens when the supernatural becomes natural. Join me this week in thanking God for the supernatural provisions that may have become routine.

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