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Internet Praying

In recent years I have posted serious prayer requests on social media – twice for my wife’s surgeries, related to her fractured pelvis, and hip replacement, and once for my brother’s multiple bypass surgery. Friends replied in large numbers, many with encouraging, and supportive comments. Some however, simply responded with the word, ‘praying.” Perhaps I’m the only one who feels a bit empty when these one-word replies appear. If so, attribute it to twenty plus years of trying to teach seminary student want-to-be pastors, ministers, and missionaries how to pray effectively and how to teach others to do the same. More specific response would be better. Praying for who – me, my wife or brother, the doctors, the nurses? Praying when – now, tomorrow, next Sunday, once, ongoing? Praying for what – healing, recovery, comfort, support? Please don’t misunderstand. I am appreciative and grateful for every person who took the time to read my request, and then click “Like” or responded with a praying hands emoji, or simply said “Praying.” I just wish for a bit more expression of payer support. When Paul was praying for the believers in Corinth, he added a phrase in his prayer that might be appropriate here – “and this also we pray . . .” (2 Corinthians 13:9). Next time you respond to a social media prayer request, how about taking a few more seconds, and make your reply specific.

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