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Building Things that Last

How quickly some of the things we build get destroyed. From the time I started public school until I graduated from High School, my family lived in six houses. Five of them no longer exist. The first church I remember attending now has all new buildings. The two buildings where I took all of my major and minor courses in college – both gone. The football stadium where our college played their home games – bulldozed over. The first church I served as Pastor – disbanded and the building destroyed. The first apartment in which we lived following marriage – dilapidated and unused. I spent fifteen years doing collegiate ministry on three campuses. The Baptist Student Centers on two of those three campuses have been destroyed in favor of new Centers. The denominational building where I shared an office for several years – destroyed in favor of a new building. My favorite baseball stadiums – all torn down! In the midst of so much destruction, I am glad that not everything is destroyed, but that some things remain. Jesus shared a parable to teach disciples that whatever is built on a solid rock, will stand firm (Matthew 7:24-27). Life does not consist of the buildings we build, but of the things we build on the rock-like promises of God. What are you building this week that will last?

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