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What is Your Real Name?

During my recent birthday, my social media friends, responded with multiple well wishes. The interesting thing for me was how many different names and titles were used, by those who had known me at different stages of my life, and in different positions of responsibility. I was addressed as Dr. Crawford, Dr. Dan, Dr. C, Brother Crawford, Brother Dan, Dan Crawford, Dan, Dad, Cousin, Bawpaw (used only by my grandkids), Friend, Hermano, Sir, Pastor, Rev, Bro, Neighbor, and probably a few others that I missed. When my brother and I left home for college, our Dad’s parting words were, “remember who you are.” Perhaps he was influenced by the thinking of his day, expressed by Theodore Roosevelt, “The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name.” I doubt if my Dad knew who all I would grow up to become. Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” Names are important. Sometimes names set the course of one’s life. I know. I was named after two Baptist preachers and the Chief of Police. Good names are valuable. The writer of Proverbs said, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold” (Proverbs 22:1). Somewhere along my way, I realized that my real name/title was “Christian” – meaning “little Christ” and I was to “Grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ” (Ephesians 4:15). In other words, in spite of all the names and titles that people use for you, your assignment is to become more and more Christ-like. There’s a New Year’s resolution for you.

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