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Well Done, Legion

In my many years of relationship with a Seminary, I’ve seen him come and go. His name is Legion (meaning, “many”). God called him, so he came to Seminary to prepare for that calling. To make ends meet, his wife worked on campus as a Secretary, he likewise worked part-time on campus, and eventually, he served a small church. When he graduated, the Lord who called him to Seminary, did not call him from Seminary. So, he stayed. Employed by the Seminary, he lived out his calling through service. When his time was up, he left. As the years rolled by, Seminary leadership changed, and like in the Old Testament, when a new leader arrived, “there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph” (Exodus 1:8), the new leadership did not know Legion. No inner-office communication announced his death. No one lowered the Seminary flags to half-staff. When the same Lord who called him to Seminary preparation and service, called him Home, he was met with “Well done” (Matthew 25:21). God does not lie. The only ones who are greeted with “Well done” upon their heavenly arrival, are those who have done well. Legion served faithfully. His earthly reward was lacking. His heavenly reward? Well done, Legion. Well done! To the faithful servant, the reward of being faithful over a few things is the same as the reward of being faithful over many things.

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