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If You Didn’t Know It Was a Problem . . .

I feel sorry for my Grandfather. He lived before the discovery that a man’s wallet could cause back trouble. That’s right! Recent research has discovered that a man sitting on his wallet, causes the spinal column to get all out of whack, and thus causes pain. Spine-health reports “sitting on your wallet all day is not only uncomfortable—it may be provoking your sciatica symptoms.” My wallet is much thinner than my grandfather’s wallet, and I received this bad news from a chiropractor several years ago before it made national news. All the things I now have on my cell phone, my grandfather had written on small pieces of paper, stuffed in his wallet. Plus, being a “yellow dog Democrat” he not only did not trust credit cards or banks, he carried a lot of cash in his wallet. Suffice it to say, it was large enough to choke a horse, should a horse have decided to swallow it. Even though this “wallet-causing-pain” seems to be a recent discovery, we may have had this problem for a long time. Could it have been that the Psalmist carried a large wallet in his robe, and thus wrote, “There is no soundness in my flesh . . . Nor any health in my bones” (Psalm 38:3). Funny, but I don’t remember my grandfather ever having back trouble. I guess if you didn’t know it was a problem, it wasn’t.

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