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Backing (most of) the Blue

The license plate border on my vehicle says, “Backing the Blue.” Yet another police officer has been arrested and accused of murder, this time in my own city, and on the heels of a widely publicized trial of a police officer in the adjacent city, now serving ten years for murder. In both cases the officer pulled the trigger, and a life was taken, however consider this fact. The larger the organization – whether it be law enforcement, business, church, military, politics, or sports team – the greater the possibility of someone doing wrong, breaking the law, violating the rules, messing up. While this is sad and needs corrective response, it is even sadder that the entire organization suffers. OK! I admit to being prejudice. I come from a family of first responders, from distant Uncles to immediate family. I have had numerous Seminary students in my classes who were either former or current law enforcement personnel. I am a graduate of the Fort Worth Citizens Police Academy and a twenty-five year participant in Code Blue – Citizens on Patrol, having served several years as a neighborhood Captain. I have numerous law enforcement friends – from causal to close. If all of that were not enough, I was named for the Chief of Police in the city of my birth. But seriously folks, why do we insist that an entire organization is corrupt when one or two members go wrong? Apply this question to the organization of your choice, but for now, let’s focus on law enforcement. I believe in discipline. I believe in justice. I believe in punishment. I also believe in encouragement. In the midst of all the negative voices, I want to state a strong word of support for law enforcement and assure you that the majority of the law enforcement personnel you meet will be outstanding people with a high sense of calling and commitment to their profession. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9). Just a reminder that the word is “peacemakers” not “piece-makers.” Back the majority with respect.

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