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Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I kept thinking of the word, “empty.” For many churches yesterday’s message of an empty tomb was delivered in an empty worship center. These are the days of coronavirus, when churches are under government orders to remain closed and worship can only happen online. Who would have dreamed that the very technology that was so often cursed, is now the medium through which the gospel is shared? Two thousand years ago all the forces of Hell attempted to stop Jesus, but an empty tomb, occupied only by empty grave clothes, proved that they failed. Yesterday, a vicious virus fell victim to empty churches, as empty Worship Centers were filled with the hope of the resurrection. “If Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty, and your faith is also empty” (1 Corinthians 15:14). If something is rocking your world, focus on the stone that was removed to reveal an empty tomb.

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  • AMEN and again I say AMEN!! Thank you Dr. Dan for your encouragement for all to focus on our risen Saviour Who is very much alive today and forever!!!
    Dan I have moved and lost my old address I received your Morning Manna. Please add my new email address to receive it which is: heflin.jim77@gmail.com for James Heflin. Thank you and His blessings! Jim

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