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My Stimulus Check

My government stimulus check arrived last week. I have two things to say about it. Number one, I am very glad that those in need are able to receive such assistance. Number two, a benefit of being retired is my income has remained the same. I have not been fired, laid-off, or placed on a leave of absence. Therefore, I do not have a pressing need for the extra money. At least I have less need for it than some others that I know. In retirement, I serve in a volunteer position as the Spiritual Life and Leadership Mentor for church planters, pastors, and campus ministers in the WestCoast Baptist Association, which is metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Canada. Many of these folks are dependent on financial support from friends and churches in the U.S. Obviously, with COVID-19 has come a decrease in income for some financial partners, and they are no longer able to send support to Canada. I, however, am able, and I plan on sharing much of my stimulus check with these Canadian ministers. If you are in a financial situation that is similar to mine, might I suggest you do as I plan on doing. Give some, or all, of your stimulus check to others who are in greater need than you. If you need names of some individuals in need, I will be glad to share their contact information with you. May I just remind you of the words of Jesus, “To whom much is given, from him much will be required” (Luke 12:48).

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