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Hearing from God in Transition

Do you remember the cell phone commercial where the guy kept asking, “Can you hear me now?” as he moved from unique location to unique location, attempting to prove that his cell phone company could provide transmission from anywhere? Reminds me of what God may be asking today, although it is not God who is moving, it is we who are on the move. Thanks to COVID-19 regulations, we’ve moved home. We are not in our usual places of work, school, leisure, etc. We’ve even moved from church on Sunday to somewhere in front of a computer, worshipping online. We are a people in transition and God is asking if we can still hear? God’s Old Testament people were in transition – displaced from home – in Babylonian captivity. God was continually trying to communicate with them. It was as if He was asking, “Can you hear me now?” “I have plans for you” God said (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV). In the midst of all of today’s transitions, God is asking, can you hear me now? Because I’ve been listening more intently, God’s “plan” for me, in the midst of this transition has become clearer. How about you?

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