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No Division . . . All Equal

When I was young I lived with my grandparents. My Dad was a Chaplain in WW2, stationed in Germany. My mother was in a Sanitarium in west Texas with Tuberculosis. Due to my grandmother’s physical problems, she had a lady come into the house several times each week to assist with cleaning. Ella dipped snuff and when I kept begging for some, she cleaned one of her snuff tins and filled it with coco and sugar and taught me how to keep some in my bottom lip. We were best friends. She would teach me songs from her Toliver’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. Ella’s husband was named Dan, and he shopped at my grandfather’s grocery store. I often saw him there and since we shared names, he would slip me a piece of penny candy – “Dan to Dan,” he would say. We were best buds. I grew up loving Ella and Dan Every graduation of mine was accompanied with a nice card and a few dollars. A simple gift arrived as a wedding present. We never had a problem relating to each other. In fact, ours was a relationship of mutual respect. Why do I share this story? Because Ella and Dan were black. I wish they were still alive. I have a few questions to ask them. Things have changed. Society is different. This much is the same – “In Christ’s family there can be no division . . . Among us you are all equal” (Galatians 3:28, MSG).

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