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My Friend Facebook

Eleven years ago, my Granddaughter put me on Facebook, saying I was getting too “old foggie” and I needed Facebook. I love Facebook. It is my life-connection to literally thousands of friends – friends from my teen-age years (although age is taking its toll on this group); friends from college student days; friends from Seminary student days (I really think the Southern Baptist Controversy may have stated in our carpool); friend from my days as a Baptist Student Minister on three University campuses; friends from my consultant days with the North American Mission Board; student and faculty friends from my 22 years on the faculty of Southwestern Baptist Seminary; friends from my missionary-related visits in fifty-nine countries, all fifty states, and every Canadian province, friends from twenty-six interim pastorates; friends from too-many-to-count conferences, seminars, revival meetings that I led; friends from neighborhoods where I have lived (24 addresses in 11 cities since 1st grade); friends on social media; and then those friends that fit no category, except being in my life at just the right time. During several recent crises, including the current time of my wife’s COVID experience, friends from all areas of my life have responded with encouragement, counsel, and prayer support. You never know how much you need friends, until you have a need for friends. Mine have always been there when needed. “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed” (Ecclesiastes 4:9, NLT). Thanks friends.

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