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Snow Time in Texas

I awoke yesterday morning and looked out of my window to see a beautiful white blanket of snow. If I lived further north, this would be a common occurrence, but I live in Texas where we seldom get to see this beauty. There are few references to snow in the Bible and rightly so, since much of it was written in a land of rare snow fall. However, there was the spectacle of two mountain tops, Mount Lebanon and Mount Hermon, where snow remained on the tops year around. When I do see snow, it reminds me of a sermon by one of my favorite preachers, Dr. R.G. Lee, entitled “The Treasures of the Snow” based on Job 38:22. As I remember it, he spoke of the purity of the snow, the uniqueness of each snowflake, as well as the silence in which is falls. However, the point I remember most is the power of the snowflake when united with other snowflakes. A single snowflake has almost no power, but when it gathers in agreement with many other snowflakes, it can bring down large tree limbs, divert traffic, cause closures of schools and places of business, and even in large gatherings, cause an avalanche. On the positive side, gathered snow becomes the subject of beautiful pictures, and lovely paintings, and provides places where children play. To quote Dr. Lee, snow, “with gracious generosity, hides the grimy slime of the mudhole, drives away the raven of uncleanness, transforms the unsightly into the beautiful, the ghastly into the gorgeous, the gruesome into the glimmeringly lovely.” Snow provides a powerful lesson when applied to people. Because this is Texas, the snow will not be with us long, but when it’s snow time in Texas, let’s enjoy it’s treasures.

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