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A Lesson to be Learned

Last week’s Monday Morning Manna was deleted by Facebook. Some thought it was because I quoted scripture, but I quote scripture in every issue of Monday Morning Manna. Others thought I offended the FB standards because of my comments on “men and women.” Still others believed it was a computer program, not an individual that caused the deletion. Could have been any of these reasons. I requested an explanation from Facebook, and I was ready to apologize if in the wrong. I was/am a guest on their website and whether, or not I believe their regulations are right, I must live by them. They reviewed my post and replied, “We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards. We appreciate you taking the time to request a review.” Can we all learn a lesson here? No matter how stringent the standards, nor how strongly the belief in them is, when you make a mistake, you apologize and move on. I appreciate Facebook for their response and will try to pass it forward. After all, “His banner over me is love” (Song of Solomon 2:4).

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