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When the Sun Has its Day in You

It is finally healing – the scar left following my ninth skin cancer surgery, and it’s not my mother’s fault.  I remember my mother often telling me that if I was going to play outside, I needed to wear a hat.  No way!  Sissies wore hats.  Many decades later, I am paying for my disobedience, as I endure one skin cancer surgery after another.  I asked my Surgeon why I had so many skin cancers.  His answer was, “You have fair skin, and you grew up in Texas.”  Obadiah didn’t grow up in Texas, but he may have had a better answer, even though his comment is probably taken out of context – “As you have done, it shall be done to you” (Obadiah 15).  I played in the sun, without protection, and now the sun is paying me back.  There really is a larger lesson here.  When you disregard the laws – whether it be the laws of God or the laws of nature that God created – you can expect to have the results “done to you.”  Artists, to playwrights, to philosophers, to musicians all have referred to life as “a day in the sun.”  Well, I had my day in the sun and now the sun is having its day in me.

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