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Leaving Something Behind

The Chinese Fortune Cookie said, “A part of us remains wherever we have been.” My first thought was no wonder I’m so tired. I’m spread over all fifty states, every Canadian province and fifty-nine countries. However, a lot of travelers have been to these places and not left any of themselves behind, so the proverb is not always true.  In fact, some have been on what is labeled “mission trips” but found themselves participating in nothing more than what my late friend, Calvin Miller called, “spiritual tourism.”  Why then, do I think I have left remains where I have been, while others have been to the same places and left nothing behind? It is because I am chosen, called out, and commissioned. When the apostle John wrote his second letter, he addressed it to “the chosen lady” (2 John 1).  It is not that she, nor I, nor anyone else fitting our description, is more special than those who are not called, but rather that we were simply chosen. One more point – you don’t have to be special to be chosen.  You just have to be available, willing, and responsive. So, don’t just go somewhere and leave.  Go somewhere and leave something behind.


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