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Young Lions and an Aging Lion

I do not have an accurate count, but after twenty-two years on the faculty of Southwestern Baptist Seminary and an additional four years as a retired, adjunct professor, I had approximately 5000 students. Recently I have been receiving invitations from some of them to preach in their churches.  When there, I am frequently asked about my memory of the pastor and especially what grade they made in my class.  My response is, “With 5000 former students I only remember the really good ones and the really bad ones, but I do remember your pastor.”  After their reaction, I add, “The really bad ones don’t invite me to preach in their churches.” The truth is most of my former students were in the “really good ones” category. A few of them even write books and ask me to add an endorsement.  The Bible often refers to “young lions” (Job 38:39, Psalm 34:10, Isaiah 5:29, Jeremiah 2:15, Nahum 2:11). I loved my years with these Seminarian “young lions,” and I am honored when, after many years, they remember this aging, but still active, lion.


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