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Who to Blame

We recently discovered a water link under the foundation of a house that we own.  Obviously, the repair cost several thousand dollars. In working with the insurance company, I received a letter from them, with the following sentence in it – Our “Claims team are working together to determine if another party is responsible for the damages to your property.” Not seeing any evidence that anyone dug under the house to destroy the water pipes, I concluded that no “other party” was responsible. Could have been a squirrel, but it would have been one tough animal. Could have been an act of God, but I don’t know why God would have wanted to destroy our water pipes. Could have been an earthquake, but we don’t actually live near earthquake territory. Could have been shifting foundation, since that often happens in our neighborhood, but who does one blame for that? So, I have concluded that there are some things that happen with no one to blame. Life goes on. Live with the good and the bad. Make the most of circumstances. Play the hand that you are dealt. Play it where it lies. I think I’ll just reply to my insurance company with a verse of scripture – “let me bear the blame forever” (Genesis 43:9).


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